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You might have heard Coinbase has started an NFT marketplace - 01/08/2023


Here is a link to my profile   chances are if you watch any Crypto news reports whether it is Bloombergs show called Bloomberg Crypto that streams on the Bloomberg + tab every Tuesday or if you watch  thats on Monday through Friday at 3 eastern you have probably heard that Coinbase has started their NFT market


while the reports are that the user creation accounts werent as strong as expected I have to say I was on there the first weekend of the public launch and found 1,000 people to follow with little to no issue.

I found the Dune analytics report that came out to have potential errors of first reports from the portal and it was picked up by techcrunch . Keeping in mind these portals on Dune can be user created it was from a respected longtime user that had good feedback I dont think they misreported info I just think it was flawed info and reached out to them on Twitter however received no response meanwhile I found media outlets just reported the same source the info they found from this source, that is one thing to keep in mind with Crytpo reports not all reporters even understand how the data is put together or research the researchers. @DuneAnalytics user reported a total of only 1500 accounts but I had found 1,000 with ease and just following one

account that had followed 1,000 so to say only 1500 seem to be bad data 

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Spoke on the topic of nfts and crypto on AR Zoom weekly - 01/07/2023


I was invited a few weeks ago to plan to speak on the upcoming Zoom weekly meeting with ActiveRain, while I have written thousands of post in the Rain this was my first time giving a presentation on a zoom call to a group thank you to Eileen Burns for the invitation to speak today on the topic of Crypto and nfts. I started a group here on ActiveRain and intend to tag post about the topics of nft and related along with #web3 wallets and coins when I post about them. I know this topic isnt for everyone but do believe with the Dodd Frank act being implemented and banks needing to have all assets on blockchain this will be something that is coming for the future of real estate and its good to plan ahead. 


The adoption takes sometime for the banks to do private blockchain and public parts of the chain as a hybrid to beta test the formfree Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approved usage of personal info on the chain for underwriter desktop appraisals and valuations. 


Thank you to Debe Maxwell, CRS for starting things off today as I understand she always does and to George Souto for the blogpost being featured on the homepage my first time on the homepage, along with thanks for the intro today.

Thank you to Kathy Streib for the questions and helping fill in with moderation. 

I know there was a lot to cover and wanted to split the time between presentation and questions, lots of good questions today.  Thank you @myra for helping with moving through the slideshow.

I invite everyone to the NFT group to keep up with new things nft and crypto, metaverse and thank you to everyone for the questions today. Feel free to comment here or reach out if you have questions or send a comment on one of the post on a topic in the group your interested in if I can help with something.

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Thank you to Res.Net for featuring me on the new agent spotlight - 01/06/2023


I have written about Res.Net before on AR over the many years of being certified.

The certification assured asset managers at banks that you know how to move around in the system and cover the basics and a little advanced features of pulling docs when allowed, looking at chain of connections servicers etc.  

Many followed this model of coming soon. 

I was asked by Res.Net to submit a form with information on suggestions and overview for future uses with their promotions of agents. I like that they are trying to use their social media Linkedin and other channels to promote agents on their network. 


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Seem you have to be logged in to share the link on - 01/05/2023


I just listed a property and as one would do I went to social to share on ActiveRain, next stop was Twitter however there is no share feature from the platform on top of that they add a wall where you have to login to even view the property. I have to wonder how many investor, note holders on defaults and banks know that its such limited on this platform for exposure and that this limits the speed at which their listings get syndicated to socials and platforms and really wonder the thoughts behind the wall login structure that some sites have moved to despite this more banks are moving to this platform. 

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Radian aka Pyramid Platform aka propoffers aka Homegeniusre on Twitter - 01/04/2023


I tried to reach out the a Radian company Pyramid Platform social handle a couple weeks ago on their social media Twitter, I was wondering if they had a profile for pyramid platform or their prop offers system. 

I had sent a direct message follow up at the time asking if they were aware the listings from propoffers couldnt be shared on social network and were behind a sign in wall. I in the same message inquired if they were aware that their social was buried on their website and was hard to locate as it wasnt on homepage you would be surprised how many banks service outlets lack some basic things such as this.

Given this profile @HOMEGENIUSRE they have has under 100 followers I would think banks would be interested to know how little exposure their bank owned listings were getting online when selecting this platform. 

So for reaching out and asking with the message above they blocked direct messages on Twitter. 


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Beware of copycat profiles on twitter - 01/03/2023


I was updating my Reddit Profile today and was pulling up old tweets to use that I wanted and was logged into FloridaBuyHome  on Twitter pulling up my CavsTheBlockFan only to find that someone had made a duplicate profile of my profile. @cavsblock instead of @cavstheblockfan they copied over the title name, copied over the pfp, copied over the banner when you click on the profile.


This happen to line up with just in the past week I had a tweet promoting a minting that was a fake website setup to steal peoples nfts message me and tag me on twitter,  that I wrote about earlier this week here 

The idea I believe with this is yet another scam

1. They will ask your followers for funds to be sent so you can unlock other funds you have tied up and cant access for one reason or another. 

2. They want to make it look like the real profile that they can tie to their opensea account to make it look as though I am selling the authentic nfts if they were able to steal them, so that it looks to be sold from account that minted.

3. This has happen with Facebook and other socials as well. Scammers would dm people on facebook and say they are stranded and need funds wire right away etc.

I posted to let people know that it wasnt me on that twitter account, the trick here is that they sell old accounts on black markets so that they can look to be originals and just start to post because most dont use search filters to see if they posted on that account years ago and no ones scrolls past 100 tweets, I believe had they been able to steal my nfts they would of copied my tweets as well to make it look like the real account. 

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I have talked so much about nfts I made a 2nd account cavstheblockfan - 01/02/2023


I didnt want to overload my main Twitter account and listing to enough marketing videos along with reading stories and hearing podcast on sales and what to do and not do I know that its recommended to show a specialty in an area and gain a following from having variations within a topic, I feel that is part of why ActiveRain has grown so well from its start, you were allowed to write about whatever you would like to dive into,  how to videos, how to market, how to anything. 

The reason I went with a 2nd profile was the retweets that are done with giveaways where you have to retweet something being given away, many times you dont win the entry and sometimes you wonder if they really awarded anyone if they didnt have an announcement on that thread but sometimes I have won somethings.  I didnt want to make people that supported me in real estate have to see all of the retweets and another thing is airdrops that you have to follow their account and retweet and or tweet something with hash tags so again it can get to be a lot of tweets. So I went with making a 2nd profile besides my FloridaBuyHome which I went with that name because a long long time ago back in the 2000's it was suggested to go with keywords with handle names that was the trend.

You may have seen this post earlier today and this is what spurred me on to search my titles to see if I ever mention I had a second Twitter profile and thought this would be a good post for those that wanted to take a look that might be interested and in the nft group here on ActiveRain. 

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My 2nd instagram account cavstheblockfan - 01/01/2023


I previously wrote about adding my instagram account to ActiveRain 

Today I wrote about 

making a second account on Twitter which lead me to search the title search box to see if I recently shared my instagram 2nd account. I found no results so wanted to write this post and a little reason on why I created it, Twitter was to not have post about retweets and about hashtags that are required for giveaways and airdrops that unless your into nfts you wouldnt be into on my regular 1st account which was mostly about real estate. My instagram 1st account is mostly about real estate but the 2nd account is not so much about giveaways or shares of post and commenting, my 2nd account is about galleries so far mostly with oncyber virtual galleries and the displays of what I put together in the galleries. Those that follow that recently created account would likely be interested in nfts and in art along with crypto one or all of the above.  I thought this would be a good post for the nft group as well to share my instagram account name for those interested. 

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Updated my Reddit Cavstheblockfan but havent spent much time there - 12/31/2022


Today has been a sharing day for me on AR, showing my 2nd Twitter, 2nd Instagram, and my Reddit accounts. 

I do get it with Reddit how someone could get drawn into spending time on the social platform, your checking your daily work emails and you get an email with all the days headlines, along with news from your groups your interested in for me its the Cleveland Browns currently with football season about to start up that I am keeping an eye on with their quarterback being suspended for most of the season, their running back asking to be traded then not wanting to be traded lots of drama. 


You can also join many other groups just like Facebook and now Twitter which has rolled out its own communities in addition to the zoom type spaces calls. 

They do have nft groups as well but I havent seen them referred to in Discord as much as Twitter or the other way around not mention as much on Twitter as Discord is when looking and comparing to Reddit. They are trying as you can see in the picture above they had artist lesser known college students and younger inspiring artist create nfts where they had a chance to have access to sales on the Reddit marketplace and be featured. I picked up a couple and updated my profile pic.

I however normally read the emails and then move on to other emails. 


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NFT group 2 months old the highlights - 12/30/2022


This was what I posted as the goals for reasons of creating the NFT group.

The strike through are of items that have been addressed with an overview so far.


"If you were wondering about what an nft was I have started the group for you.

If you wanted to find out where to buy one. If you wanted to find out research tools to know how many have minted in the last hour, also what minting is.

If you wanted to know all time sales for a project, daily sales and volume tracking follow along with the group.

If you wanted to know of other markets not just the largest opensea check it out.

The crypto market is in a bear market along with nft projects so this could be a good time to take a look and get started in the metaverse virtual land and building."

If you were wondering about what an nft was I have started the group for you.

I feel like we have covered in post along with the discussion on the call and the comments and answers I would point to that are on this post are a help to those starting out with nft.  I starred this post in the nft group talking about what is an nft resources 

along with a couple instructions videos from the write up for it on the blogpost 

If you wanted to find out where to buy one. 

If you wanted to find out research tools to know how many have minted in the last hour, also what minting is.

Currently 35 profiles on my Twitter list for tracking tools on nft minting that I mention in comments on post and on the weekly zoom call previously and here is the link again. 


If you wanted to know all time sales for a project, daily sales and volume tracking follow along with the group.

You could check the nft tools but you could also check the marketplaces themselves for data. Cyptoslam and nonfungible are two longtime existing tracking sites that release reports and or have website tracking on historical sales the other profiles are more current mints and sales for up to the minute tracking.

If you wanted to know of other markets not just the largest opensea check it out.


The crypto market is in a bear market along with nft projects so this could be a good time to take a look and get started in the metaverse virtual land and building. 


This is a good starting point to what to tackle next with future post the real estate land with talking about everyrealm along with parcel both have discords and websites if you are interested in metaverse land and developments they also put out reports on sales and history of marketplaces in regards to virtual land and are great places to find 3d builders.

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