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NFT group 2 months old the highlights - 12/30/2022


This was what I posted as the goals for reasons of creating the NFT group.

The strike through are of items that have been addressed with an overview so far.


"If you were wondering about what an nft was I have started the group for you.

If you wanted to find out where to buy one. If you wanted to find out research tools to know how many have minted in the last hour, also what minting is.

If you wanted to know all time sales for a project, daily sales and volume tracking follow along with the group.

If you wanted to know of other markets not just the largest opensea check it out.

The crypto market is in a bear market along with nft projects so this could be a good time to take a look and get started in the metaverse virtual land and building."

If you were wondering about what an nft was I have started the group for you.

I feel like we have covered in post along with the discussion on the call and the comments and answers I would point to that are on this post are a help to those starting out with nft.  I starred this post in the nft group talking about what is an nft resources 

along with a couple instructions videos from the write up for it on the blogpost 

If you wanted to find out where to buy one. 

If you wanted to find out research tools to know how many have minted in the last hour, also what minting is.

Currently 35 profiles on my Twitter list for tracking tools on nft minting that I mention in comments on post and on the weekly zoom call previously and here is the link again. 


If you wanted to know all time sales for a project, daily sales and volume tracking follow along with the group.

You could check the nft tools but you could also check the marketplaces themselves for data. Cyptoslam and nonfungible are two longtime existing tracking sites that release reports and or have website tracking on historical sales the other profiles are more current mints and sales for up to the minute tracking.

If you wanted to know of other markets not just the largest opensea check it out.


The crypto market is in a bear market along with nft projects so this could be a good time to take a look and get started in the metaverse virtual land and building. 


This is a good starting point to what to tackle next with future post the real estate land with talking about everyrealm along with parcel both have discords and websites if you are interested in metaverse land and developments they also put out reports on sales and history of marketplaces in regards to virtual land and are great places to find 3d builders.

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Crypto coin wallet trackers aka notifications - 12/29/2022


So I just finished writing and wanted to break it into two post as it really is a separate section to address. 


How do you get notifications to your email address? 


The answer depends on what blockchain the coin is on in the link above I showed a link for the binance chain which is what the smart contract address was for a coin unrelated to the airdrop which was on polygon chain and the binance was for another coin with similar name that was listed on CoinGecko (which is another website beyond the one I mention on the zoom meeting call if you attended that one on ActiveRain here) as I run into scams or run into things I think others would find interesting and would not know just starting out I will try to share it here on ActiveRain over time.  is a site you can go to if you have any matic or polygon to view your transactions, if you think of it as a bank statement for your coins. 

You can also view your hash called tx which you can think of as your receipt for your transactions one by one. 

You can sign up for an account on the site with an email and password.  You put in a user name and then go to settings and subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about their updates and blockchain.

You can also change your profile name and add a website if you have a yat or an ens domain name extension you like to use in web3. 

You can also have the system email you by adding a wallet address alert

You can also update previous tx hash to recall what it was you bought or sold by tagging the transaction with notes up

to2000 notes allowed. (you can always have a second wallet address if you get really advanced on transactions)

If you are sending funds to family you can also save their addresses so that you have it tagged and dont have to enter

the address every time however I would recommend at the least copy and paste the address to make sure your

account wasnt hacked and an address replaced if your sending any sizable amount on a transaction. 

These emails will also come in handy to alert you if transactions are happening that you didnt do think of it as a text

from your bank or credit card company for purchase alerts. 

You can also lump multiple purchases into one transaction if minting or buying from marketplace with an aggregator but that should be another post. 

Back to top and more on coin wallet trackers - 12/28/2022


Now I wrote previously about wallet trackers but highlighted layer 2 polygon aka matic as many large companies are doing free giveaways on the layer 2 given the cost savings on airdrops and that they can quickly and cost effective get nfts to customer bases with layer 2 currently until the merge with eth is completed they say next month but thats another post.

heres the link to the previous going ons with crypto coin wallet starter post 

Ethereum has changed in just the over years time I have been researching and learning about crypto they previously had dapp landing pages but have moved more toward a different design that doesnt look so much like ebay storefronts anymore. 

The info you will find will be on the smart contract page which will show you the amount of nfts or coins that are currently in circulation along with max supply info, in some coin cases there are no max supply just fyi.


You can see in the picture attached to this post that you can drop in a wallet address in the Ethereum blockchain explorer to search for transactions related to a wallet address if you follow the steps on the intro to wallet tracking post in the link above and have an account setup, you can follow your favorite celebrity projects by following their wallet address and or favorite investor in the space. 

All of these post are not financial advise. DYOR is the term in the industry which everyone in real estate can use as well Do Your Own Research. 

Hopefully this helps if you are interested in getting started feel free to comment if there is something you would like me to cover in future posts.  

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Setting up your metamask and coinbase wallets - 12/27/2022


If your dealing with NFTS if you dont know what an nft is check out this  

or if your dealing with Crypto coins, and looking to stake them (think of dividend payments for holding stock) or if your looking to do loans with dfinance exchanges you will need to have a wallet to handle one or all of the above. 

I would recommend metamask and or coinbase wallet to get started 

Over 20 million are using the metamask wallet and it was started by the Ethereum foundation, this was the first most important thing to me when starting with crypto since you hear all about the scams that are around and the hacks that are around I wanted to get as safe a wallet as possible.  Nothing in life is guaranteed but trying to be as safe as possible. Tried to limit mistakes that could cost money.

You can download directly to your desktop, laptop or smart phone.

It will work with all major browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave or Edge

It will be a free hot wallet service. 

Hot wallet means available to plug into a website like opensea so you can use the coins to deposit or wrap to make purchases on the marketplaces and or you will have the coins available to swap, stake or lend through the dex's decentralized exchanges.

If you wanted a cold wallet meaning less likely to have a chance of having an nft stolen through scams 

You can get whats called a cold wallet, if you just want some crypto to keep for years and dont want it to be online you can download it to a usb drive try to go to trusted sources when selecting one something along the lines of cnet 

just check the dates of their posts for updates in the way advancements if your reading this post in the future.  this is the official link  to download metamask the “Install MetaMask for whichever devices your using and browser. get started

3.create a Wallet 

4.create a password (write copies of the password down on different pieces of paper)

dont email it to yourself and dont screenshot it on your phone these are known hacks.

thinking notpad on your phone, no they have hacks for that too.

5. Secret recovery phrase, you will see post in Discord and other services saying dont ever share this with anyone, this is just like a password but it allows them full access to your wallet if you do. (write it down on paper)

if its considerable amount put it in safety deposit box (those have been searched and funds seized in California with residents though) (save that for another post)

You will only need it when setting up or moving the wallet to another device whoever you share it with think of it like having access to your bank account so only trusted officials if its a sizeable amount -Attorney might hold onto it, family office manager, financial planner. They likely would be setting the wallet up for you if you have a certified planner and your not reading this so for the rest of us heres the rest of the steps.  (There is such a thing as multi signature authenticator worth looking into if you are one of the top 1 % Realtors in the country and reading this... Trust but verify. 

6.You can locate your unique MetaMask public address by clicking the “Account 1? button


Thats it you have setup your metamask wallet and have your public address which most do share as they would need your password, seed phrase to be able to gain access, and or if you click on something giving them authorization to spend from your account through smart contract, links above on those scams. 

This again is not financial advise, this is just in case you are interested and want to pick up some crypto and wondered where to start. ??The best advise I received when starting out when you first send funds to your address send a very small amount a single dollar of crypto to make sure you copied the address right and all is working much like a credit card number it wont work if you have the wrong number it wont process however unlike a credit card if you send it to the wrong address by one letter in the address you just sent money to the wrong wallet. ??

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Crypto Crypto Crypto adding coins to your wallet referral link - 12/26/2022


If you have CNBC on in the background while writing contracts and or answering emails and texts you likely have heard of crypto coins at this point I think you would have a hard time finding anyone that watches any financial networks or news channels that havent had multiple stories at this point. 

CNBC has went so far as to starting a CNBC world, Bloomberg similar has a streaming service you can catch up on at anytime crypto. 

I had previously written about starting out to set up your crypto wallet here 

The next step is getting some coins that you can use to either stake or swap for other coins on exchanges or buy nfts and pay for gas fees etc. The nice thing that struck me about cryptos beginning was the sense of community of people talking about and excited for the future of the technology those communications articles, tweets, posts companies shared in this growth and excitement as more people that transacted the better it is for their platform to pickup transaction fees by members and to have funds on their platform under management custodial but thats for a another post. Some companies offered a signup reward to get started like Coinbase.


There will be others that offer signup bonus and you can have multiple wallets to take advantage of the bonus sign up however I recommend checking out if they are members of FinCen and also if they are registered as a Money Service Business thats not 100% assurance but not many things in life are, I did do that search myself when signing up with celsisus they were registered with fincen and with the state of Delaware just a side note. this is my referral link that will get you 10.00 in bitcoin to start out for joining Coinbase click the see terms link under their signup **full disclosure they send me 10.00 too if you use the link setting up your account. **

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Creative Commons metaverse, nft, artwork Andy Warhol - 12/24/2022


I personally dont think that society would of benefited if we didnt get to experience the comment by way of artwork by Andy Warhol on the Campbell soup cans.

One could argue its an iconic piece of our culture that wasnt sponsored by Campbells soup yet Campbells have benefited from the marketing and exposure for decades of the use and likeness. You can find more info here 

"used humor and irony to comment on how mass production and consumerism had come to dominate so much of American life and culture."


If you are looking for a movie to watch over the holiday weekend I would suggest "The Andy Warhol Diaries"

It also covers the work of Jean michel Basquiat along with his rise with a collaboration with Warhol. The use of many company logos over the years Paramount etc all of which benefited. 

When I see people criticize the modern day version of digital artist think Beeple and others that use logos as parts of their works I wonder if they are aware of the not so distant history of our Arts. 

If you would like to follow CC on Twitter here is their info. 

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Marketing with NFTS 2 you can use featured - 12/23/2022


I feel this is better served written into two parts of a post to make it more digestible. 

Marketing with nfts   I just finished writing this which was highlighting some of the ways I used nfts to market myself as a Realtor, I had mention the minting of your twitter tweets Mint your tweets into nfts 

The next step of using the nfts you  minted from tweets could be to feature them on your profile, like the image above. In this case I used tweets I posted to twitter sometime ago and turned them into nfts then edited my featured page on my profile on you can view the page here.


You can created multiple sections on your profile to highlight what you would like, this is again tweets featured that were turned into nfts. I highlighted my My Linktree QR Code along with my Marble Card nft 1st Minted NFT Realtor Brandon Jordan

Also the Help Me Buy My New Home tweet made into nfts

and gallery of youtube videos with oncyber gallery Oncyber web 3 gallery Northwest Florida Realtor 


and a tweet nft of more certifications that I have received over the years and some other tweets on various topics you can see below as well or visit my to give a like on the post...

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Marketing with NFTS - 12/22/2022


I received a good question on a previous older post asking if I have ever tried adding nfts into marketing my listings? So I wanted to share my response as a post to outline some of the things I have done with nfts. 

There have been a few ways to use the nfts to market first of course I posted here on ActiveRain here is an nft group I started on AR NFT group   then posted about how others can make nfts from tweets Mint your tweets into nfts I used my nfts on social medias like Twitter with trying to start a #1stNFTmintedRealtor added that to my Twitter profile.



Then trying to help those that follow my blog and joined the nft group here on AR letting them know nfts are coming to Facebook and Instagram which I already posted my nfts real estate related of youtube videos I made into nfts via marble cards. Instagram nfts then I utilized the alexa skill for Help Me Buy My New Home for the real estate voice activated search videos to make nfts of those to generated something new with existing content I had created you will see a couple pictures of the help me buy my new home alexa skill marble cards on the instagram nft post. I then went on to post the nfts of #1stNFTmintedRealtor to my Facebook business page and again the Youtube area videos along with Help Me Buy My New Home video nfts and created from the TV episodes I ran before Team Sold Tv new nfts for that as well, then posted on my websites for the blog there trying to cover the bases for integration of the nfts in marketing.


Making a nft of individual properties being offered for sale I have not created since taking and completing the blockchain certification course Blockchain cert the founder of reconsortia mention that as a Security and Exchange Commission certified investment banker she viewed all nft offerings of real estate properties as securities so I havent created any listing specific ones to market. You are able to use their platform at Reconsortia to submit properties for nfts with them creating them, I dont agree with her position on that topic and wouldnt agree if the SEC determined that was their positions as well but have still decided to proceed with caution and not create listing specific ones for sale as of right now there is no case law on the books to point to showing that real estate nfts are a security in my opinion and I raised that question to the course director who didnt point to any case laws being on the books as its yet to be tested and tried.

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How do I get more free crypto coins- learn and earn coins coinbase - 12/21/2022



I previously wrote about how you could setup your wallets and pick up some crypto by signing up for Coinbase and using the link featured in this post. 

Now I wanted to let everyone know about the learn and earn section on Coinbase. I have did the learn and earn its quick and gives you an overview of what each coin can do and the theory of use for their protocols (meaning computer language of what it will do) 

Its always good to do your own research before investing and this isnt financial advice when buying any coins but this post is about free coins you can earn from speding a couple minutes to learn about coins.

If you like this article and would like to learn more on crypto and uses check out the group 

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NFT Day this week #nftday 5 year anniversary of NFT - 12/20/2022

 Ported from original post sept 23rd 2022

If you were on Twitter this week you may have seen #nftday and wondered what it was exactly thats going on you can find more information here and their twitter account at 


The site does a good job of explaining what an NFT is and acknowledges the person responsible for the term NFT 5 years ago this week by celebrating the projects that are built via NFTs and there were giveaways from NFT projects highlights the first NFT being made in 2014 but the term still not yet known or published on what they were until "NFTs are Born with ERC-721 Proposal
The first draft ERC-721 proposal was published by Dapper Labs CTO Dete Shirley, which included the first formal usage of the term NFT."

Dapper Labs made Crypto Kitties and NBA Topshot

I encourage you to check out the site at internationlnftday #nftday to learn more if your interested in knowing more on what an NFT is. 

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