Blackwater State Forest in Baker, Florida The Baker Block Museum, before a mural was painted over it, on its eastern wall. The Baker Block Museum with its local prisoner-painted mural on the western wall.
The Blackwater River flows through Baker, Florida.
Blackwater State Forest in Baker, Florida
One entrance to the Blackwater River State Forest in Baker, Florida.

Blackwater State Forest in Baker, Florida This map shows areas of interest on the Blackwater River in Baker, Florida. Blackwater State Forest in Baker, Florida

There are 41 residential real estate listings for sale in Baker.
There are 4 commercial real estate listings for sale in Baker.
There are 40 vacant land real estate listings for sale in Baker.
There are 85 total real estate listings for sale in Baker.

85 Real Estate Listings Found

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1.   955329
5459 Elzie Road, Baker
1819 square feet, 4/2, 2024

2.   955328
5457 Elzie Road, Baker
1533 square feet, 3/2, 2024

3.   955180
5892 Jack Stokes Road, Baker
1788 square feet, 3/2, 1990

4.   955078
6143 Buck Ward Road, Baker
1635 square feet, 3/2, 1989

5.   954876
1512 Vinson Ray Road, Baker
3127 square feet, 4/2/1, 1995

6.   954755
5290 Old River Road, Baker
4464 square feet, 3/2, 2018

7.   954460
7895 Red Barrow Road, Baker
2212 square feet, 3/2, 2005

8.   954135
5605 Price Plantation Road, Baker
2162 square feet, 4/2, 2021

9.   953942
1721 Highway 90, Baker

10.   953608
5195 Galliver, Baker
2536 square feet, 5/4, 1960

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History of Baker

Baker began in 1907, established along a well-traveled trail extending from Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The town was named after the Reverend R. G. Baker, J. D. C. Newton's father-in-law; its previous name was Cobb. Early residents earned money as cattle raisers, sheep herders, loggers, and navy store traders who dealt mostly in turpentine and its associated goods.

Baker's growth led to the development of a bank, a pharmacy, a shop for ladies, a doctor's office, a general store, a post office, a hotel, a turpentine distillery, several cotton gins, and Shaw's Blueberry farm, the world's largest at the time.

Baker's Block Museum, refurbished from the general store mentioned above, opened in July of 1996 after a great deal of restoration. The original building was constructed in 1908, in an old pen used to house cattle waiting to be transported via railway for sale at market. Baker's historical association bought the property for restoration and use as a museum. The Baker Block Museum now displays local American Indian artifacts, as well as local historical items such as stills used to make turpentine.

The first photo above shows the eastern wall before Larry Demmers painted a wonderful mural over it. The second photo shows the building's western wall; local prisoners painted the scene which depicts plants and wildlife that lived in the nearby forest.

Baker Recreation

Local Attractions

Blackman Community Center
7590 Hwy 189 N
Blackman, FL


Baker Park
1450 Charlie Day Road
Baker, FL

Baker Recreation Area
5503 Hwy 4
Baker, FL

Yellow River Park
5100 Ellis Road
Baker, FL

Cotton Bridge Park
6301 Hwy 4 W
Baker, FL


Baker Block Museum
1307 Georgia Avenue
Baker, FL

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